r7ly5 (pronounced EarthLing) formatting

.here's a quick overview of r7ly5 formatting 

.i've been studying the relationships between language and
      "spirituality"/etc. for many years
.you could say i'm obsessed with the subject
.you can see a list of books that have been important in  
      my development here
.that may explain something...  i'm not sure

.anyway, one of my projects is developing r7ly5
      (pronounced Earthling), a debugged subset of wild
      english designed for clear thinking and accurate
      english minus the 5 stupidites

.this page uses r7ly5 formatting

.the objective is to make the structure of thought as
      visually obvious as possible

.thus, every sentence begins on a new line
.reverse indention helps identify the beginnings
      of utterances
.i don't use CAPS unless i see a good reason for it
.punctuation precedes the utterance... no need to wait
      until the end to know what kind of thought we're
      dealing with

.there are three types of puncuation so far...
      . assertion --  .i write in r7ly5
      ? question  --  ?what did you do last night
                      (requires a verbal response)
      * direction --  *read "Science And Sanity"

.i'm considering others but haven't settled on 
      anything yet
.r7ly5 actually uses different symbols but when 
      restricted to ascii, i've settled on the above
.r7ly5 is a work in progress

.when looking at a long paragraph in old-style formatting,
      it's not obvious to the eye whether it is composed 
      of a few long and complicated sentences or many 
      short simple ones
.starting every utterance on a new line makes it 
      immediately obvious

.i've been writing in my lab book/journal this way for
      years and find it helpful in organizing complex ideas
.i offer it as a sign of respect to do what i can to
      make the structure of my thinking as transparent  
      as possible

.if you have any ideas on improving r7ly5, i'll be
      happy to hear from you
.if you want to debate its merits sincerely, i welcome it