The True Lunar Calendar

See a sample page from the True Lunar Calendar.

+ the following is written using rthling formatting
+ you can find out more about it here

+ the True Lunar Calendar takes its structure from the motions of Gaia
     (Earth), Luna (the Moon) and Sol (the sun)
+ when you turn a page of the True Lunar Calendar, it represents the 
     completion of one lunar cycle... the beginning of a new moon
+ other data included:
             A) year-on-a-page overviews thru Sol.16 (2001 old style)
             B) Solar Phases (solstices/equinoxes) thru Sol.27 
                (2012 old style)
             C) Lunar Phases (new and full moons and quarters) thru 
                Luna.223 (2003 old style)

+ there is no particular number of moons (months) per sun (year)
+ Luna averages 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds 
     to complete one cycle from new moon (conjunction) to new moon
+ Earth takes 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds to 
     complete its yearly revolution around Sol, from winter solstice to 
     winter solstice
+ the Lunar and Solar cycles are independent from and incommensurate
     with each other
+ they can be forced together only by doing violence to one or the 
     other, or both

+ the idea of EXACTLY 12 months per year was an attempt to replace 
     natural order with human order

+ for many thousands of years, people used the regular reappearance of 
     Luna in the evening sky to measure the passage of time
+ during the past several hundred years we have become increasingly
     alienated from the physical universe in which we live
+ a calendar is more than just a way to make appointments for lunch
+ it integrates us into a world of our own creation and/or into a world
     out of which we emerged
+ it helps set the stage for what kind of world we live in

+ it's not my job to persuade you to get the True Lunar Calendar
+ if a lunar calendar seems like a stupid idea to you, then you should 
     probably hang up now

+ if integrating your life more closely with the actual universe you 
     inhabit appeals to you, you might want to read on
+ i've been using it for 242 moons (over 20 years) and i can't imagine
     using the stupid old gregorian calendar again

+ in a short time, the TLC becomes natural and easy to use 
+ don't worry, the calendar also has reference to the old gregorian 
+ i also live in the world that most Earthlings inhabit and i have to 
     make appointments with them

+ if i had to give you some reasons to get it, i'd say:
     + it can integrate you into the real world in ways you can't yet 
     + it will spark an enhanced personal relationship between you and 
     + and besides, it looks really cool

+ i began making the calendar 446 moons ago because i wanted to have a 
     calendar that was in sync with creation
+ i make the calendar for myself and i will continue to make it 
     because there is no other source

+ the True Lunar Calendar is part of my project to redesign/rationalize
     all human symbol systems
+ so far i have redone the writing system, arithmetical notation, music
     notation, the piano keyboard, time: clock faces and the calendar
+ next is the computer keyboard  
     (+ Dvorak is surely superior to QWERTY, but it's hard for me to see 
             any real logic to its design
      + i think it can probably be improved upon)
+ i'm also involved in a long-term project to create EarthLing: 
     a debugged subset of english designed for clear thinking and
     accurate communication


+ if you have any questions, please feel free to email me

     or call me at 714/670-9143 
     (best time is between 9 and 11:30 p.m. any nite (california time), 
     or any time on weekends)
+ if i'm not home when you call, you can leave a message, but if it's a
     toll call, i probably won't return the call (unless you say
     something so intriguing that i'm compelled to follow up)